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Words With Friends
Who’s a Gamer?
May 31, 2016, No Comments

A recent visit to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation found me chatting with one of the elderly volunteers who always staff ...

Atari Heavy Sixer
You Can Judge a 2600 By Its Cover
May 31, 2016, No Comments

If you’ve joined us at the museum to do any accessioning you know how carefully we assess artifacts when they come ...

Sears Tele-games Super Pong IV
April 30, 2016, No Comments

Sometimes where we get an artifact – its provenance – is as important as the artifact itself or adds importa ...

The Smelly Mystery
The Smelly Mystery
March 28, 2016, No Comments

Flowers smell like fish, orange juice smells like peanut butter, garbage smells like candy — it’s a malodoro ...

The Magnavox Odyssey
March 3, 2016, No Comments

“ODYSSEY is thought, action, and reaction.” So proclaims an advertisement for the 1972 Magnavox Odyssey, the ...

King's Quest box
King’s Quest
January 30, 2016, No Comments

Sierra is back! In 2014, Activision Publishing, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, announced the revival of Sierra, wi ...

Dragon Quest map
Dragon Quest Design Documents
January 30, 2016, No Comments

Creator Yuji Horii took to Twitter to upload some of the first Dragon Quest game’s original design documents. Afte ...

Army Men
Return of the Army Men
December 29, 2015, No Comments

Released in 1998 by The 3DO Company, Army Men came packaged with two small plastic soldiers in the top of the box and sa ...

Master Claus
Games to Get Steamed About
December 3, 2015, No Comments

Need suggestions for those Steam gift cards you got? Season suggests two titles, both on Steam and available for mobile: ...

Atari Games Holidays
The Last Minute Shopper
December 3, 2015, No Comments

Missed Black Friday? Don’t want to go near a store in December? If you use Amazon, an addon (Chrome, Firefox) will ...