About Us

Why do we need a Digital Game Museum?

Between the days of games on mainframe computers and the takeover by the DVD, games had wonderful packaging that reflected the creativity of both the game developers and the marketing people. We want to preserve these materials as well as the games. The magazines, the games themselves, the advertising – all are in danger of being lost. Since the game industry is now the largest entertainment industry (opinions vary, but in terms of dollars to the economy, games have surpassed films by some measures), we feel that this is an important part of our culture and needs to be preserved, studied, and eventually, understood.

Where is your building?

We don’t currently have enough space to put up exhibits, so we show exhibits at events like Maker Faire Bay Area, PAX Prime, and others, and we place small exhibits in interesting places. We hope to move to a space that will include changing exhibits and game play space in the near future. To do that, we need your financial support and the support of corporations. Can you help?

Is that all you’ve got? Game boxes?

Big box games with complete contents (even some sales receipts!), Ataris and games, Nintendo hardware and games (including R,O.B.), a Vectrex, Segas, contained console games like Combat!, arcade games, magazines, game manuals and help books, concept art, controllers, PAX swag, t-shirts, Commodores, source code, a few older computers running obsolete OS’s, and more. If it’s game related, we have it. Or wish we did. What’s in your garage? Give it to us!

Got more questions? Ask us! We appreciate your interest and encouragement. Your support is needed to get us to the next level. Donate Now.

Dave Beaudoin, Director

The digital game museum is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit corporation. Your donations are tax deductible.