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Xevious Prototype Playable at CalExtreme
July 14, 2015, No Comments

Until now, Xevious for the Atari 2600 was believed to have been abandoned, mostly unfinished in the wake of corporate re ...

Digital Game Museum Returns to CalExtreme
July 3, 2015, No Comments

We’re excited to be returning to California Extreme this year to promote video game history and preservation! Last ...

Coming Events (July 2015)
July 1, 2015, No Comments

Museum Closed on July 4! Go picnic and celebrate! Wednesday Collections – July 8, 7-10. Sign up on

Magnavox: The Lion who Roared
July 1, 2015, No Comments

Last month we asked “What game console was produced by the California company founded by the inventors of the movi ...

Coming Events (June and July)
June 2, 2015, No Comments

Although it’s still Spring, the end of the school year always makes it feel like summer is here. So our schedule f ...

George Opperman and the Atari Logo
June 1, 2015, No Comments

Warner Communications bought Atari in 1976, and in 1977 they decided to change its image. They commissioned a study of t ...

The Odyssey 300
June 1, 2015, No Comments

The Odyssey 300 follows the Odyssey 100 (white) and the Odyssey 200 (orange). Unlike its predecessors, it’s built ...

Hello, Mario? Are you there?
June 1, 2015, No Comments

One way to keep funds flowing into your game company, once you have a successful and recognizable logo or game character ...

Nintendo Family Computer 3D System
April 28, 2015, No Comments

Our last two newsletters have featured 3D devices: the Virtual Boy and the new VR device from View-Master, and the Star ...

Steve Bristow: An Appreciation
April 26, 2015, No Comments

While we all know the names of many gaming pioneers and “rock stars,” there is an equally important group of ...