Nintendo Family Computer 3D System

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Nintendo Family Computer 3D System

Our last two newsletters have featured 3D devices: the Virtual Boy and the new VR device from View-Master, and the Star Trek Extreme System. So let’s wrap up 3D with the earliest 3D device in our collection – the Nintendo Family Computer 3D System.

Predating the Virtual Boy by 8 years, it was released in 1987. Like the Virtual Boy and other early glasses-based 3D systems, it used an active shutter system in the glasses to create the 3D effect. With a very limited game selection (eight games), commercial success wasn’t great enough to bring it to other markets, so it was released only in Japan.

Our thanks to Board member Ton Luong, who brought this back for us from a vacation. It’s in excellent condition. More photos are in the database. We also recommend this entertaining video from our friends at Famicon Dojo for much more information and to see the games in action.

2013.028.001 – Gift of Ton Chan Luong

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