Digital Game Museum Returns to CalExtreme

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We’re excited to be returning to California Extreme this year to promote video game history and preservation! Last year we had a blast playing both our cocktail Pong and Al Alcorn’s fantastic Puppy Pong with interested convention goers. This year we’re planning something equally unique. We’ll be presenting a recent museum discovery of a previously unreleased prototype of an original Atari Game for play.

One of our volunteers discovered this prototype cartridge as part of a recent anonymous donation. In itself, this is not terribly remarkable, as prototype cartridges are rare but not generally unique. What is notable about this artifact is that the cart contains a near complete version of a game that had never been released. We’re not announcing the name of the game yet, but will be doing a formal unveiling in the coming weeks leading up to CalExtreme where we’re going to be presenting the game for play on original Atari hardware. We’ll be using a Harmony RAM cartridge and will have the original prototype on display so that we can preserve this important artifact and give everyone a chance to appreciate it in person. This is going to be a unique chance to check out a serious piece of Atari and video game history and enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the CalExtreme show!

We’re looking for volunteers to help out at our booth at California Extreme. Volunteers will receive free admission to the show and get to help us spread the word about this important discovery. You’ll also get to be one of the first to play this near final version of an unreleased Atari Game. We’ve played it and can confirm that it is downright awesome!

California Extreme is July 18-19, at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency. Contact Dave Beaudoin or Sean Gugler to sign up to volunteer.

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