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Frantic Warlords action!
The Evolution of the Console Controller
November 5, 2012, No Comments

We’ve finally got our PAX Prime 2012 photos up! We saw lots of old friends at PAX and made some new ones. Our exhi ...

Prototype render for the PAX 2012 exhibit
Evolution of the Console Controller at PAX 2012!
August 25, 2012, 1 Comment

We’re just finishing up the final touches on our brand-new Evolution of the Console Controller exhibit. It’l ...

Thanks to all the sponsors of Atari Party!
July 28, 2012, No Comments

Right now we’re getting ready for tomorrow’s Atari Party, and we thought we’d take this opportunity to ...

Atari Party
We’re having an Atari Party!
June 30, 2012, No Comments

Join us as we team up with Cogswell Polytechnical College to celebrate with a day of classic Atari games, prizes and mor ...

Maker Faire 2012 pictures are up!
May 29, 2012, No Comments

We’re back from Maker Faire 2012! We’ve spent the entire week getting in contact with people offering donati ...

The History of Adventure Games at Maker Faire 2012
May 14, 2012, No Comments

The Digital Game Museum is coming back to Maker Faire, May 19-20, at the San Mateo Fairgrounds! Last year we covered a w ...

Happy New Year!
January 6, 2012, No Comments

We wanted to share the end-of-year email that went out to our mailing list in case you missed it, so here it is!   ...

Back from PAX!
August 30, 2011, No Comments

We’ve just gotten back from the Penny Arcade Expo and we had a great time! We’ve already had a few news stor ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Angry Birds
August 17, 2011, No Comments

Historically, most games were played only by those willing to put significant money and time into them. In order to play ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Art and Finale
August 17, 2011, No Comments

We’ve reached the last post in our series. While we had time to talk about only the more popular and groundbreakin ...