Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Art and Finale

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We’ve reached the last post in our series.

While we had time to talk about only the more popular and groundbreaking games, we received a huge number of votes, and heard a huge number of stories, about other games. Many players provided artwork or stories along with their votes. We also watched quite a lot of agony over choosing a single favorite game of all time, and heard quite a large number of stories from people explaining their vote.

The above voter wrote down her top four picks, then stood there thinking it over for five minutes as she slowly narrowed down her options.

The above voter bought a Defender machine to put in his house. The end result was that, suddenly, all his friends wanted to come over and visit. Due to the long period of time since he’d last played the game, he was unable to remember the name, but we managed to find it online.

And that’s all we have for you. As we’re writing this, we’re gearing up for the Penny Arcade Expo. Will you be in the area? Come visit us!

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