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Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Zelda
August 17, 2011, No Comments

The Zelda franchise began in 1986, with the release of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: The Arcade
August 17, 2011, No Comments

Arcade games have existed since the earliest pinball machines in the 1930s. The electric arcade game first appeared in 1 ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Half-Life
August 12, 2011, No Comments

Most groundbreaking games come from established companies, or, at the very least, established developers. Out of all the ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Mario
August 10, 2011, No Comments

If you asked people about the first Mario game, most would talk about Super Mario Bros., released for the Nintendo in 19 ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Portal
August 8, 2011, No Comments

In 2005, a group of DigiPen students developed a puzzle game called “Narbacular Drop”. The game revolved aro ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: World of Warcraft
August 5, 2011, No Comments

Online games have existed almost since the concept of “online” began. The first networked game, developed in ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Myst
August 2, 2011, No Comments

There are few games that can credibly be said to have revolutionized gaming. Myst was released in 1991 on CD-ROM, a rari ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Minecraft
June 25, 2011, No Comments

While most of our votes were just that – votes – some people decided to include artwork on their vote. We ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Halo
June 13, 2011, No Comments

Halo has a long and somewhat complex history. Most people would say that Halo started in 2001, with its release on the o ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Tempest
June 8, 2011, No Comments

Tempest was, apparently, a game with a short period of fame. We received 11 votes for it, but ten of those were from th ...