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T-Shirt Pix

Yahoo! was how we felt after a dozen volunteers from Yahoo spent a day at DGM accessioning and photographing artifacts. This was part of Yahoo’s Summer of Service, when all their employees may take a day off to work at a local non-profit. The volunteers worked a total of 66 hours, accessioned 170 items, and searched through many more. We will be able to add photos of many artifacts to our database thanks to photographers Mike, who photographed the posters and all the action, and George, who recorded the t-shirts. The records, with photos attached, should be available on the database soon. Everyone worked hard and had fun discovering treasures that we hold in our collection. Special thanks to Jimb Esser, who organized the event at Yahoo.

Partnerships like this with local companies are a triple win for us (cut here – “Find out how”) – we make new friends, some of whom come back to become regular volunteers, and we often receive some donations, both financial and artifacts, and then Yahoo matches the financial donations. We did a similar event with Google a few years ago. If your company sponsors a day like this, it’s usually pretty easy for you to set up a day and bring friends and colleagues to DGM for a day of “playing” with the collection. Become a DGM Event Host!

Thanks, Yahoos, and thanks to Yahoo for sponsoring this event.

Photo credit: Mike Wyner (all of them)

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