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In many developing countries, people have little or no access to game consoles, computers or arcade machines. You can help through Kiva! You lend $25 to help fund a project, and the borrower pays back in small amounts over a specified time. I’ve been lending on Kiva since 2006. I started funding 4 people, and as they repaid I lent again, and my initial investment has been repaid and re-lent 58 times. Lately I’ve been targeting the “Entertainment” category and have been backing loans to people setting up gaming related businesses. I’ve helped fund PlayStations in a Palestinian refugee camp, video and board games in Columbia, arcade machine repair in the Philippines, a gaming center in Azerbaijan, and a video arcade in Togo.

If you loan on Kiva, join the Digital Game Museum Lending Team! We can share our love for gaming worldwide.


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