Opening Doors, Opening Hearts

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By a door in an office complex just off of Central Expressway stands a sign displaying a black joystick with a red knob. Just inside, a banner reads “Digital Game Museum,” and a sign-in sheet waits for eager enthusiasts to scrawl their names. Beyond that lies a cornucopia of nostalgia, diversion, and history meant to thrill gamers of any age.

On Saturday, the 10th of August 2013, the Digital Game Museum opened their doors to visitors and showed off in style what they have to offer in an open house event.

A statue of Master Chief stands alongside an arcade game called Super Bug, perfectly displaying the meeting of old and new games in this cozy museum headquarters. Computers allow visitors to try out obscure or hilarious games like Ponycorn Adventures, and rarely go unmanned. Stacks upon stacks of storage boxes contain everything from SNES consoles to T-shirts from long past release events. Gamers and enthusiasts litter the rooms as they munch on snacks and soda and discuss everything from Colossal Cave Adventure to Custer’s Revenge.

The place feels like someone went through every gamer in California’s closet and took one artifact to display or protect. Rather than being locked in a garage somewhere to gather dust and fall apart, these games here are loved, repaired, and displayed for the world to appreciate.

While the current facility doesn’t allow for large scale displays or exhibits, this is a step in the right direction. New games and memorabilia will be guarded here and prepared for showings at local conventions and events. This means that the history, art, and culture surrounding games of our youth and adulthood will not be forgotten or lost. With help from donors and the work of those who are passionate about games and their preservation, this collection can grow and thrive.

It may be just a start of something greater, but the smile on everyone’s faces at this opening, visitors and workers alike, says in big bold letters “This is here to stay.”

-Laura Allan

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