Our First Exhibit in Sunnyvale

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Our first community-based display is now up at the Sunnyvale Library. They have a 3-shelf display cabinet, so we have put up an introduction to three important game companies that started out in Sunnyvale.

First, of course, is Atari. The first Pong game started out in a tavern in Sunnyvale. In 1982, Sunnyvale had 33 locations in Sunnyvale, including Customer Service, Manufacturing and Product Engineering, and the Corporate Offices and Game Room.

Strategic Simulations, Inc., (SSI) started in Sunnyvale, producing military strategy games. They later acquired the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons franchise.

Red Octane, which began as a game rental service, branched out into making peripherals to enhance gaming, like high quality dance pads for Konami’s Dance Dance Revolution. Red Octane is probably best known as the company behind Guitar Hero.

We hope you’ll visit the library and see the exhibit. Photos of the display, the artifacts we’re featuring, and additional history and information about them, can be found here. We hope you enjoy your visit, whether IRL or virtual.

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