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Our banner of corporate sponsors at the bottom of the page has changed, and we’d like to take a moment to thank Elgato, Mandible Games, and Dashing Strike for providing a stable base to our finances.

Adam, from Elgato, was the first person to offer us corporate support, way back at our 2012 Maker Faire Exhibit. In fact, we were so new at this that we didn’t even realize what he was talking about! Since then Elgato has been a faithful friend and supporter, both financially and with gear – our vintage Donkey Kong Country promo video on YouTube was made possible by an Elgato game capture unit, a great device for recording your gameplay. In addition to the game recorder, Elgato also makes a variety of TV devices, home sensors, and a variety of other connectivity, video and smart solutions.

Dashing Strike

Our newest supporter is Dashing Strike, while Mandible Games has been providing support for us for years. Both of these studios are independent game developers whose founders have years of experience in the field but keep a low profile, with games under development but no releases at this time.

Mandible Games

These, plus the numerous individuals who support us through monthly donations and at special drives like SVGives, are what makes DGM’s work possible. Thank you!

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