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I'm happy and proud to support something as cool as DGM. We're around 40 years of digital gaming, and it's time we record it before it all gets buried in the desert. – Del Turner, Digital Game Museum's first monthly supporter

For the first time in our organization's lifetime, we have been asking you to join in preserving the games that we all love so much. In the course of hosting local community events and creating traveling exhibits for the last two years, we have met dozens of people that not only share our vision but have actively contributed to the preservation process.

But we need space! We need safer housing for our growing collection and a place to prepare exhibits. We want a place where you can come and work (and play!) with us. And to do that, we need a steady income stream. That is why we are asking you today to become a monthly supporter for the Digital Game Museum. In addition to getting us into a location, individual supporters will help us purchase needed conservation supplies and even gain additional corporate support, so every contribution counts, even $5 per month.

If you share our vision of a world-class museum devoted exclusively to digital games, please visit us at to become a monthly supporter or contribute a one-time donation; all contributions will be fully tax deductible. Your support makes everything that we do possible, and we deeply appreciate your generosity. Thank you for all you do to strengthen our community.

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P.S. If you have specific questions about getting involved with DGM through financial support, gifts in kind, or even volunteering, feel free to email me directly at

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