Extreme Saturation at California Extreme

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California Extreme 2015 (3)

DGM volunteers Sean and Dave discuss the exhibit with guests
(photo by Brian Quan)

Once again, the annual mega-arcade known as California Extreme convened for a weekend in Santa Clara, chock full of video and pinball games for visitors to gorge on. There were celebrity speakers, pinball and air hockey lessons, rock concerts, and a number of exhibitors and vendors sharing their wares and collections, including your friends here at the Digital Game Museum.

As announced in our press release, our exhibit table celebrated the discovery of a nearly finished prototype of the unreleased game Xevious for the Atari 2600. Hundreds of guests enjoyed playing it on our authentic 2600 console for the first time ever. Many also enjoyed comparing it to the coin-operated arcade machine from which it was adapted, on loan to us courtesy of private collector Tom Bazzano. This exhibit will continue to be displayed in our own main gallery throughout the month of August, so if you missed it at the show, come visit us!

California Extreme 2015 (2)

Atari alumnus Owen Rubin enjoys Xevious on the 2600
(photo by Sean Gugler, taken with permission)

Other museums and clubs were represented as well. The Pacific Pinball Museum had a row of their machines for guests to play, and a table to learn more about their efforts to secure a permanent exhibit location. The MADE (Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment) gave a great talk about their facilities and programs, which are very focused on community engagement. Both institutions are in the Oakland area, and like us, need all the support they can get. Closer to home, our friends from the South Bay Button Mashers hosted a popular side room for console gaming and some fabulous rock concerts throughout Saturday evening.

Next year we’ll be back with new treats to share. Keep following our mailing list to learn what we have in store for this and other events.

Sean Gugler

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