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Mario Kart: Fueling the Drive
April 24, 2012, No Comments

The date is April 14th, 2012. Screens blink neon colors in different corners of the room. Wires crisscross as they conne ...

The Fall Classic Games Tournament: A Step Back So We Can Move Forward
December 18, 2011, No Comments

We’re pleased to welcome guest blogger Laura C. Allen, who came to our Fall Classic Games Tournament last month. C ...

PAX Prime 2011
September 22, 2011, 2 Comments

70,000 gamers, hundreds of games, and no parking. We had a great time visiting with fans of vintage games and all the fo ...

Back from PAX!
August 30, 2011, No Comments

We’ve just gotten back from the Penny Arcade Expo and we had a great time! We’ve already had a few news stor ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Angry Birds
August 17, 2011, No Comments

Historically, most games were played only by those willing to put significant money and time into them. In order to play ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Art and Finale
August 17, 2011, No Comments

We’ve reached the last post in our series. While we had time to talk about only the more popular and groundbreakin ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Zelda
August 17, 2011, No Comments

The Zelda franchise began in 1986, with the release of The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: The Arcade
August 17, 2011, No Comments

Arcade games have existed since the earliest pinball machines in the 1930s. The electric arcade game first appeared in 1 ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Half-Life
August 12, 2011, No Comments

Most groundbreaking games come from established companies, or, at the very least, established developers. Out of all the ...

Maker Faire 2011 Roundup: Mario
August 10, 2011, No Comments

If you asked people about the first Mario game, most would talk about Super Mario Bros., released for the Nintendo in 19 ...