Evolution of the Console Controller – Zeemote (2008)

Modern touch devices, both Android and iOS, are extremely popular game platforms. Touch controls allow for new game experiences, and games built for touch like Flight Control (2009) make great use of the new input mechanism. However, genres and game mechanics that were not born on touch devices can be awkward to adapt to touchscreen only input.

The Zeemote is one of a number of controllers intended to bring classic stick and button style controls to modern touchscreen devices. The Zeemote communicates wirelessly and features an analog stick and four action buttons. It fits in one hand and is ergonomically similar to a Wii nunchuck.

This controller bridges a familiar difficult period in the evolution of video game controls. Moving from the D-Pad to analog sticks, traditional controls to motion controls, and even shifting a genre like First Person Shooters from mouse and keyboard to control pads all are reminiscent of finding the best way to control legacy game genres on touch devices.

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Gift of Zeemote Technology, Inc.