Evolution of the Console Controller – Neurosky MindWave Headset (2011)

NeuroSky products interpret electrical signals generated by brain activity (EEG) and muscle movement (EMG) as user input. In the Brain Computer Interface (BCI), the headset detects brain and muscle activity and the software interprets the patterns of electrical responses. Alpha waves indicate relaxation and mental calm, called “Meditation,” Beta waves result from focus or “Attention,” while other patterns are caused by “Eye Blinks.”

The MindSet headset was the first low cost brainwave sensing unit that allowed brainwave research without a shielded laboratory setting. Researchers have access to raw brainwave information as well as tools for Arduino, C++, Unity, IOS, Flash, and Linux development, which are free. The company’s mission is to make BCI technology available to any industry.

The first consumer oriented product, the MindWave, shipped with applications including games to train the user to focus or relax. MindWave Mobile uses Bluetooth and works on iOS, Android, PC and Mac platforms. The MyndPlay software features interactive movie viewing. “Star Wars Science” from Milton Bradley is based on a NeuroSky headset used to move a ball up and down a tube for focus training. The set uses Star Wars sounds and imagery for “Jedi training.”

“Develop your powers of concentration, you will!”

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Gift of NeuroSky, Inc., 2012.021.001