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Atari Heavy Sixer
You Can Judge a 2600 By Its Cover
May 31, 2016, No Comments

If you’ve joined us at the museum to do any accessioning you know how carefully we assess artifacts when they come ...

Kryoflux Board
Kryoflux and DGM: A Preservation Partnership
March 28, 2016, No Comments

While we usually stress the preservation of artifacts over code, there are times when we receive a rare or unique physic ...

Xevious cartridge
Abandoned Software at The Digital Game Museum
August 2, 2015, No Comments

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and others have recently been working to establish a special class of copyrighted wor ...

Satoru Iwata memorial (1)
Satoru Iwata: The End of an Era
August 2, 2015, No Comments

After a summer full of tragic loss for the game industry, we said good bye far too soon to the inimitable Iwata-san of N ...