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Neo Geo AES Joystick, Aftermarket "Kidney Bean" stick with red A and B buttons, Black C and D buttons and a convex capped stick.

Japanese Neo Geo AES system
Original Box with Styrofoam
AV cable
Power cable
Original joystick
Authenticity/Warranty materal

Catalog (pamphlet )of available games
Color brochure for arcade system


Original box for Vectrex Arcade System

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Vectrex Arcade System, Model HP 3000

System includes controller, light pen, 3 games, 2 overlays, manuals for all.

One Atari cartridge
Video game box with 3 pieces
Instruction manual


2 part box and plastic inner frame
instruction manual

Finders Keepers for Commodore 64, manual only

Coleco Telstar Combat!
Two-player dedicated console for Combat! Twin-stick controls, green-colored housing with army camouflage stickers.

Removable transformer (power wart).
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