Defiance Ultimate Edition

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Defiance Ultimate Edition




Defiance Ultimate Edition Including:
Large printed cardboard box. Box is full color corrugated cardboard with internal dividers to hold messenger bag and collector's edition.

Collectible Messenger Bag: Black fabric messenger bag with black plastic hardware and DEFI logo screenprinted on front flap and stitched tag at center-front of bag with DEFIANCE logo

Defiance Art book: Black hardcover artbook with ART OF DEFIANCE printed on the front and spine of the book. Full color glossy pages

DEFI sticker sheet: 4 stickers on one sheet with alternating red and black logos

VBI Contract: Printed frosted plastic sheet

Defiance Postcards: Two color postcards. One featuring the SyFY characters and one featuring the characters from the game. Reverse of postcards features JOIN THE FIGHT language, SyFy and Trion logos, and DEFI logo in the place where the stamp should be.

Defiance game box and disk: Standard DVD style case with color front insert. Includes game manual with product activation code

Soundtrack: Soundtrack is on CD and housed in a full-color bi-fold paper sleeve with soundtrack CD and BONUS DISC

Hellbug Figurine: Polystone figure is painted in full color and housed in a plastic vacuum formed two piece package. Figure and Base are two separate pieces.

Collector's Edition Box: Box features clear plastic slipcase printed with DEFIANCE on front and collection details on the back. Box is glossy cardstock and flips open on top from center. It has clear windows in the sides of the box. The box holds the soundtrack, game and art book in the bottom of the box with the hellbug figure on top of those items.

Ultimate Edition Digital Items:
One Year Season Pass
1200 BITS (in-game credits)
In-Game Title (Pale Wars Ronin)

Collector's Edition Digital Items:
Ark Hunter Infiltrator Outfit
Hydra Heavy Weapon
VBI Sentinel Shield
7-Day Scrip Book
7-Day XP Boost
Lock Box
+5 Inventory
In-Game Title (Badlands Drifter)


Trion Worlds


Trion Worlds


Natalie Rog-Wilhelm




2013.029.001a - Ultimate Edition Box
2013.029.001b - Messenger Bag
2013.029.001c - Collector's Edition Box
2013.029.001d - Hellbug Figurine
2013.029.001e - VBI Contract
2013.029.001f - DEFI Stickers
2013.029.001g - Artbook
2013.029.001h - Defiance Game Box and Disc
2013.029.001i - Soundtrack
2013.029.001j - Postcards
2013.029.001k - Ultimate Edition Box Sleeve


Windows XP




Computer Game

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Physical Dimensions

2013.029.001a - Ultimate Edition Box - 10"H x 19"L x 12.5"D
2013.029.001b - Messenger Bag 12"H x 19"W x 4"D
2013.029.001c - Collector's Edition Box 9.5"H x 7"L x 11"D
2013.029.001d - Hellbug Figurine - 6.5"H x 8"W x 6.5"D
2013.029.001e - VBI Contract - 8"H x 6"W
2013.029.001f - DEFI Stickers - 5"H x 5"W
2013.029.001g - Artbook - 6.75"H x 8.5"W x .5"D
2013.029.001j - Postcards - 5.25"W x 3.25"W


2013.029.001a - Ultimate Edition Box stored separately on shelf, wrapped in Tyvek.
2013.029.001b - Messenger bag stored separately, inside Ultimate Edition collector's box.
All other items stored in Collector's Edition Box in Box 151



Collection is in new condition. Item details are as follows:

2013.029.001a - Ultimate Edition Box shows some very minor edge wear to cardboard.
2013.029.001i - Soundtrack
Soundtrack was originally shrink wrapped.
2013.029.001d - Hellbug figurine stored in protective plastic case that it came with, but wrapped in non-buffered archival tissue.

CDs stored in Intercept CD sleeves.
Book and other pieces in archival polyester envelopes.

2013.029.001b - Filled with crumpled unbuffered archival tissue to maintain shape.

2013.029.001h - Defiance game box and disk: Game was originally shrink wrapped. Shrink wrap removed for conservation.

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Trion Worlds and SyFy, “Defiance Ultimate Edition,” Digital Game Museum Collection, accessed December 10, 2023,

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