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Artifacts related to Trion Worlds, Inc (previously Trion World Network, Inc.)

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Rift Collector's Edition
Rift, Boxed Collector's Edition
False book style box with transparent sleeve; fitted paper insert to hold contents.
Sleeve has game name printed on it; box has graphics.
Folded poster, double sided. Map of Telara on one side, Game scene on theā€¦

Rift Concept Art
Concept art scene from Rift, printed on canvas and mounted on stretcher,

Trion Worlds bookends
Pair of brass bookends made for the lobby at Trion Worlds, based on their original logo.

Rift Storm Legion mousepad
A mousepad with Rift Storm Legion art printed on it.

Rift-Telara Chronicles comic, hard bound
Hard bound comic book with history of Telara.

Art of Defiance
Hardbound book of artwork taken from Defiance.

Rift USB drives
USB drives with the Rift logo.

End of Nations army cap
Distressed khaki. army-stye baseball cap with "End of Nations" embroidered on the side.

Defiance Launching Team Hellbug figurine
Hellbug figurine presented to Defiance launch team members; figurine covered in molded plastic.

Rift Guardians T-Shirt
Adult, medium, blue t-shirt with Guardian's logo on front, Rift logo on back
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