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Castle Bay Concept Art Storyboard Panel 2




Second concept art storyboard panel for Castle Bay, a location in a project originally named 'Heroes of Trion'. First frame depicts the ship entering a city through an arched entrance. The second frame is the point of view of the player on the ship, looking up at the arch from almost directly beneath.


Trion Worlds, Inc.


Trion Worlds, Inc.






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8.5" x 11"


Box 114




The original concept of what would become Rift was a live-directed game with dynamic events meant to contrast the relatively unchanging quest nature of existing MMO’s of the time.
The castle bay demo was a demonstration of this directed event structure and was actually functional within the engine (rather than just smoke-and-mirrors). This meant that a small crew in a control room could start/stop/reset/change the event at any time and the technology worked.

Briefly, the story was that this location “Castle Bay” was under attack by lizard men, and all player trade/services in the city would be suspended until the attack was fended off (Signaled by the failure of the trade ship to safely dock). The extended battle served as an action-packed way for players to work together to defend the city and restore it to order.

The ship successfully arriving and unloading goods at the end was a sign that normal city operations had resumed.

This demo was shown to several companies and visitors, and small changes were made for each. Different banners were a popular touch, showing the logo of the visiting company decorating the city after the battle was won.
-Scott White, Technical Art Director, Trion Worlds, 6/24/2015
email communication to Ben Rog-Wilhelm
This is a photocopy of the original art, but it is what was used in the demos. Received mounted as sequential storyboard panels.
First concept art story board panel for Castle Bay, a location in a project originally named 'Heroes of Trion'. The city was later renamed to Port Scion and the project eventually released as 'Rift'.
per Ben Rog-Wilhelm, Senior Programmer, Trion Worlds

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Trion Worlds, Inc., “Castle Bay Concept Art Storyboard Panel 2,” Digital Game Museum Collection, accessed May 30, 2023,

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