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Global VR text/logo (front)
"Need for Speed" yellow text (back)
Size XXL

"Guardians of the Hood" text (back)
Three fighters image (back)
Yellow Atari logo (back)
Size XL

Single sheet instructions for loading Atari ROM Cartridges

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Paper manual
How to load your atari rom cartridge

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Baby blue
Sports V-neck
Striped sleeves
White CBL logo
"International Cyberball league" text left breast


Baby blue
"Just Another High-Strung Prima Donna" text
Size L

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Navy blue
KLAX (back)
Tribal image with hand (back)
KLAX logo and text (front/right breast)
Size XL

"Midway Blitz" logo (front)
Black shirt
Size XL

Aqua blue
Midway logo (white/front)
Midway games west inc text white
Size XL

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Bright Red
"Midway Games West Picnic 2000" white text
Midway logo white right breast

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