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Jewel Case
User Manual

Atari cartridge
Video game box with insert
Instruction manual

5.25" floppy disk
Video game box
Operations manual
Hint sheet
Warranty card
Star Wars / Lucasfilm membership form

instruction manual

Risk II for PC, Windows 95/98

CD jewel case

Manual and inserts

Box with plastic slide out
Game manual
5.25" disk - Apple
5.25" disk - IBM PC

Backup of game 5.25" floppy disk
Officer's manual
Training manual
Miscellaneous game related materials

Multiple items marked as "demonstration only"

Missing "official" disk

instruction manual

Fairchild Cartridge, Videocart-1
Cartridge for Fairchild Video Entertainment System
Channel F

Wages of War
The business of battle
New World Computing
Strategy Game
CD and Manual
Output Formats

atom, dcmes-xml, json, omeka-xml, rss2