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2013.016.008 front.JPG
Box with display top for army men toys
Tan army man
Green army man
Cd-rom (with corrosion intercept)
Keyboard overlay
3DO product catalog
Warranty registration card advertisement
Controls cheat sheet
Uprising special…

Adult, white t-shirt with Meridian 59 text on the front


5.25" Floppy, Dark Ages GA 365

CD case with 1 CD and enclosed manual

One-piece box with cardboard interior box
1- CD in jewel case with pull-out front cover booklet
"Desktop Pythonizer" "Hymnbook" User's Manual
Contest entry form
Compuserve ad
Electronic Entertainment magazine ad
Monty Python ad card

Monty Python CD-ROM game
Macintosh Version (33Mhz 68LC040 System 7.1)
Case and Manual

Jewel Case
Game Disc
Instruction Booklet

1 box
1 CD
1 CD jewel case w/ access code
EverQuest manual
EverQuest Keyboard Command sheet
User Agreement
EverQuest The Official Players Guide
Cardboard insert (removed)

14" Super VGA CRT monitor in original shipping box. Originally used with Amiga Computer.

Title Match game cartridge for Atari 2600. Artwork shows four wrestlers.
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