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  • Collection: The History of Adventure Games

Leather Goddesses front.JPG
One-piece box with fold-out front cover.
3-D comic book/manual
paper red-blue 3-D glasses
Secret Catacombs Map
Scratch and sniff sheet
5.25" floppy game disk
DOS 2.0 reference card
Coupon book
T-Shirt/Poster offer
"Passport" Infocom…

Loom front.JPG
"Book of Patterns"
CD (1) in plain paper sleeve "Loom Games / 3110699-000001" on the cover
30 Minute Audio Disk CD in paper sleeve with same graphics as the box cover.

Day of the Tentacle Manual.JPG
IBM Reference Card

Nancy Drew.JPG
One piece box with fold-out front cover and inner cardboard liner
2-CD case with insert
2001 Dreamcatcher Catalog
Warranty card
Hint book order form

Rama front.JPG
One Piece Box
3-CD case with insert manual

Rendezvous with Rama front.JPG
Double foldout Folder
Spaceship Schematic
"Commander's Handbook"
Publisher's newsletter, Vol. 1 No. 1
2 - 5.25" floppy disks

Paper folder with 7- CD-ROMs in vinyl sleeves

Space Quest V front.JPG
Two-part box
Game Manual (generic Sierra)
5 - 3.5" Floppy Disks
Warranty Card
Advertising (7 pieces)
Sales slip
"Galactic Inquirer" magazine

Curse Monkey Island Front.JPG
One-piece box
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