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  • Collection: The History of Adventure Games

Zork Grand Inquisitor front.JPG
One-piece box
Reference Sheet - Timeline
Dual jewel case with insert
CD-ROMs (2)

One Piece Box
Registration card (in Swedish)
4 - disk CD Case

Nancy Drew.JPG
One piece box with fold-out front cover and inner cardboard liner
2-CD case with insert
2001 Dreamcatcher Catalog
Warranty card
Hint book order form

Cutthroats front.JPG
Gray Box Edition
"True Tales of Adventure" insert magazine
"Outfitters International Price List"
"Four Shipwrecks off Hardscrabble Island" booklet
IBM PC reference card
5.25" floppy disk

InvisiClues Booklet and Marker

Large format CD case
1 - CD (re-issue)

Leather Goddesses front.JPG
One-piece box with fold-out front cover.
3-D comic book/manual
paper red-blue 3-D glasses
Secret Catacombs Map
Scratch and sniff sheet
5.25" floppy game disk
DOS 2.0 reference card
Coupon book
T-Shirt/Poster offer
"Passport" Infocom…

One-piece box with fold-out front cover.
Manual/magazine (glued into inside of fold-out front cover)
A pin-on button with "Don't Panic!"
A small plastic packet containing "pocket fluff" (a cottonball)
Order for destruction of Arthur Dent's…

Zork front.JPG
Blister package
Reference Card
Advertising brochure
Copy PC Disk Utility - Disk and instructions

Gabriel Knight front.JPG
One Piece Box with fold-out front cover
"Prologue" illustrated booklet (comic style)
Game Manual
3 CDs
CD case
Advertising sheets
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