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  • Collection: The History of Adventure Games

Rama front.JPG
One Piece Box
3-CD case with insert manual

The Beast Within front.JPG
One Piece Box
CD Case with manual insert
Registration card

Nancy Drew.JPG
One piece box with fold-out front cover and inner cardboard liner
2-CD case with insert
2001 Dreamcatcher Catalog
Warranty card
Hint book order form

Zork front.JPG
Blister package
Reference Card
Advertising brochure
Copy PC Disk Utility - Disk and instructions

One-piece box with fold-out front cover.
Manual/magazine (glued into inside of fold-out front cover)
A pin-on button with "Don't Panic!"
A small plastic packet containing "pocket fluff" (a cottonball)
Order for destruction of Arthur Dent's…

Leather Goddesses front.JPG
One-piece box with fold-out front cover.
3-D comic book/manual
paper red-blue 3-D glasses
Secret Catacombs Map
Scratch and sniff sheet
5.25" floppy game disk
DOS 2.0 reference card
Coupon book
T-Shirt/Poster offer
"Passport" Infocom…

Paper folder with 7- CD-ROMs in vinyl sleeves

Day of the Tentacle Manual.JPG
IBM Reference Card

Loom front.JPG
"Book of Patterns"
CD (1) in plain paper sleeve "Loom Games / 3110699-000001" on the cover
30 Minute Audio Disk CD in paper sleeve with same graphics as the box cover.

Kings Quest V front.JPG
CD-ROM in jewel case with booklet front insert.
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