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One-part box
CD-ROM (1)
Install Guide
Reference Card

Two-part box
Reference card
Running the Game in Windows 95 insert
Registration card
(4) CD-ROMs #1-4

Wing Commander III game box, quick reference, manual, Personalized Guide to the TCS Victory (the game itself is missing)

One-piece box

Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger
-4* CD-ROM
- Ship Booklet
- Play Guide
- Keyboard Commands
- Game Manual
- Install Guide
- Business Cards

One part box
2- 5 1/4" game disks
1 card command summary
Game manual
Game survival guide
1 owner saves disk
2 promotional flyers

Wasteland Survival Guide strategy booklet

Game Box
Wasteland Cluebook order card
Special 3.5" disk order card
3.5" backup disk (gray)
Command Summary Card
2x Master Disk - 5.25" Floppy Disks

game box
disk exchange form
quickstart sheet
Isle of Fire game guide
game disk (1 x 3.5") - add-in disk

Origin, An Electronic Arts Company
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