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  • Collection: Electronic Arts

Jewel case
2 game discs
Instruction booklet

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer folder
5.25" floppy disk
quick start guide

Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun base game
plus Firestorm expansion pack
2 game CDs in jewel case (with intercept stickers)
Soundtrack CD
70-page operations manual
Westwood product catalog
advertisement for Nox (card)
GDI tech tree card

One-piece box with fold-out front cover.
CD case with inserts (no CD disk)
Reference card - Strategies and Commands
Reference Card - USA/GLA/China
Advertising sheet

One-piece box with fold-out front cover
CD case with inserts (no CD disk)
Reference card
Installation Guide

CDROM in Jewel Case
A User Manual and a reference card is also included.

Electronic Arts Warranty Card with San Mateo Address

One-piece box
Instruction Manual
Disk folder

Two-part box
Multi-lingual icon card
Multi-lingual Additional Information sheet
(3) 3.5" floppies: Program disk (1), Data Disk (2), Language/HD Install Disk (3)
Registration Card
1 user's disk

Hard Hat Mack for Atari 800
square gatefold package with pocket for disk and cards
5.25" floppy disk in original sleeve
warranty card
command summary
platform sticker affixed to original shrink wrap
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