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  • Collection: Electronic Arts

5.25" floppy disk
Cardboard sleeve
Instruction card
Warranty card

Two-part game box
Amiga-Atari Reference Card
World Map Charts
2 - 3.5" floppy disks
Warranty registration card
Electronic Zoo Catalog '90

Legacy of the Ancients for Commodore 64,128
5.25" floppy
plus save-game floppy (provided by owner)

game box (two-part)
game disks (3 x 3.5" - missing disk 2)
IBM reference card
customer service card

2-fold cardboard cover with slot for floppy (standard EA packaging for that era)
Manual booklet, stapled, black-and-white

The Seven Cities of Gold for
square gatefold package, with pocket for disk and cards
5.25" floppy disk
quick-start reference card
warranty card
platform sticker attached to original shrinkwrap

The Seven Cities of gold, folder
Four 5.25" floppy disc
How to Play Guide

One-part box
CD-ROM (1)
Install Guide
Reference Card
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