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Bifold folder
5.25 floppy disk
Game Manual

One piece box with fold-out front cover for Modem Wars, containing:
5.25" game disk
Owners Manual
Compuserve invitation letter
IBM/Tandy Command Summary booklet
3.5" disk exchange form
25% discount for Anchor Modems

2x 5.25" user-added…

ArticFox, folder
Operator's Manual
5.25" floppy disc

Caveman Ugh-Lympics
-5.25 inch Commodore disk
- Info paper
- Instruction Booklet

Clamshell Box
Game Catalog
Warranty Card

Jewel Case
User Manual
Installation Guide

5 5.25" floppies
instruction manual

Wall plaque from the room at Electronic Arts called the HMS Titanic.
Plaque is a background of blond wood-grain laminate on particle board. inner plaque is brushed aluminum. There is a bar on the upper edge with the number "201" centered and…

Tri-fold folder
5.25" Floppy Disk

Bard's Tale 3 Test Plan 5.25" Disk

Dated 1/91

Submitted by: Orlando Guzman

In Electronic Arts paper sleeve
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