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Concept art storyboard panel for Castle Bay, a location in a project originally named 'Heroes of Trion'. Panel 8: Third person over-the-shoulder view of the player, looking up at the enemies on the castle walls. Panel 9: The enemy is throwing…

Hellbug figurine presented to Defiance launch team members; figurine covered in molded plastic.

Defiance t-shirt

Defiance Ultimate Edition Including:
Large printed cardboard box. Box is full color corrugated cardboard with internal dividers to hold messenger bag and collector's edition.

Collectible Messenger Bag: Black fabric messenger bag with black…

Plastic Devilian horns headband
Battery operated, horns light up
branded with Devilian "D" logo

Distressed khaki. army-stye baseball cap with "End of Nations" embroidered on the side.

2011.037.001 front.JPG
Adult, black t-shirt with End of Nations logo on the front

Rift, Boxed Collector's Edition
False book style box with transparent sleeve; fitted paper insert to hold contents.
Sleeve has game name printed on it; box has graphics.
Folded poster, double sided. Map of Telara on one side, Game scene on the…

rift colored.JPG
Concept art scene from Rift, printed on canvas and mounted on stretcher,

2012.038.002 front.JPG
Adult, medium, gray t-shirt with the Defiant logo on the front and Rift logo on the back


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