PAX 2011

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PAX 2011


Artifacts collected at PAX 2011 in Seattle, WA. Including marketing, promotional, and collectible items donated by publishers, developers, and vendors at the expo.

Collection Items

Plants vs. Zombies Glasses
Light up
Stutter Shades

red vs blue
The Blood Gulch Chronicles
The First Five Seasons plus Bonus
Was shrink-wrapped but opened for preservation purposes

Boxed DVD set in a slip case
2 cases containing 3 DVDs each , 6 DVDs total
Case 1 contains Season 1-3
Case 2…

Runes of Magic Water Bottle in red

Exhibitor Pass for Digital Game Museum

Rift Lanyard

Uncle Slam promotional button

PlayStation Network Button

Unity Blue Lanyard

Uncle Slams Button

Plant vs. Zombie Light Up Glasses
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